Q: How do I gain access to the warehouse space?

A: Access to the warehouse space is granted through the use of an access pass. Each suite is allotted a certain number of access passes based on the suite size. These access passes are individual and allow approved members access to the space via an app on their phone. Guests are also allowed to access the space, but if they plan to come on-site 3 or more days per week or if they want to come on-site without another approved team member, they will need their own unique access pass.

Q: How many access passes am I allotted based on my suite size?

A: The number of access passes allotted to each suite is determined by the size of the suite. If you are unsure of how many access passes your suite is allotted, please contact your Location Operations Manager. 

Q: How much do additional access passes cost?

A: Additional access passes beyond the allotted number for your suite are available for purchase at the cost of $199/month.

Q: What if I want someone to access the warehouse space regularly but do not want to pay for an access pass?

A: In order to ensure the security and safety of all members, all individuals who plan to come on-site 3 or more days per week must have their own unique access pass. This includes guests, contractors, and other regular visitors. If someone does not wish to purchase an access pass, they may still come to the space as a guest, but their access will be limited. If you think you may have a unique situation or need a temporary solution, please reach out to your Location Operations Manager. We want to work with you to find the best solution for your team!

Q: What do I need to access the warehouse space?

A: To access the warehouse space, you will need a smartphone with Saltbox OS installed. The app connects to the building's access system and will grant you entry when you are within range. You will also need a key to your suite. We do have a staff on site to assist with any issues or help with entry during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).


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