Insurance Requirements

Q: What is the insurance requirement for members in this space?

A: All members are required to have general liability insurance to ensure that their products and goods are covered. The minimum required coverage is a $500,000 General Liability Policy

Q: Is the insurance requirement similar to renters insurance?

A: Yes, the insurance requirement is similar to renters insurance. Saltbox insurance covers the building in the event of fire, flood, or other structural damage. Members' insurance covers their personal property and items stored in their space. 

Q: What is the process in the event of damage? 

A: If there is any damage, members will file a claim with their insurance company. The member's insurance company will then follow up with our insurance if there is a claim for reimbursement. 

Q: What happens if I do not have the required insurance?

A: If you do not have the required insurance, we recommend that you obtain coverage through Layr or another reliable insurance company. We do require proof of insurance prior to moving into the space. 



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