Q: What is a pick?

A: Each unit in an order is picked by an associate from where it is being stored on site. This means that if you have 5 units in your order, there will be 5 picks associated with the order.


Q: If my customer orders multiple units of the same SKU does that count as 1 pick or more than one pick?

A: Picks are unit-based. If there are 5 units of a single SKU, there will be 5 picks attributed to the order for that SKU upon completion.


Q: Do kit SKUs count as multiple picks or as one pick?

A: To clarify, let’s break down the two types of kits one might see.

Pre-kitted: If you have items that are stored physically together, they will be charged as one pick. For example, if you have a 5-unit SKU where all 5 units are already stored in the same packaging together, that is one unit and therefore one pick.


Kitted at the pack station: If you have created a virtual kit in Shiphero that is a combination of other SKUs stored separately on-site, they will be charged as one pick per unit. For example, if you have a 3-unit kit that is 2 units of one SKU and 1 unit of another SKU stored separately as individual units, you will be charged for 3 picks for the kit.


Q: How does Saltbox define marketing inserts for billing purposes?

A: Inserts are any marketing item that you want included with EVERY order. This can be a sticker, QR code, or marketing insert. 


Q: I have an item that is technically not an insert, but I do not think it would be fair to charge the full pick amount due to special circumstances.

A: Our member operations team is available to look at your specific item and determine if it is eligible for a lower pick price. Please use Fulfillment@saltbox.com.


Exception Management

Q: Saltbox shipped an order for me, but now that order has to be re-shipped. Will I be charged all over again for the same order?

A: Yes, even though the order has been shipped once (or more times) already, each time an order is reprocessed there are charges for picks and consumables and any carrier charges. This is reflective of the labor and consumables being used in the reprocessing.

If you believe there was an error on Saltbox’s behalf that caused the order to need to be reshipped, please reach out to fulfillment@saltbox.com.


Q: I would like Saltbox to process my returns. Is the pricing the same for returns as it is for outbound orders?

A: Pricing for returns is a flat charge that does not involve considerations for pick counts or consumables. In other words, outbound order pricing and returns pricing are completely separate from each other. If you plan to have returns within your business, we do need a 30-day heads-up. Email fulfillment@saltbox.com to alert the Saltbox team. 

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