Setting Up Your Billing Profile

You'll get an email from us to get you started - please keep an eye out as the email will expire within 72 hours of sending. Once you log in, setting up your Billing profile can be done in 3 steps!

Fulfillment Onboarding Steps

  1. Setting Up Your Billing Profile <-- YOU ARE HERE
  2. Connecting Your Store(s) 
  3. Mapping Your Carriers
  4. Creating a Purchase Order
  5. Updating Your Delivery Information

Step 1

Once you login to your OfficeRND account, you'll see a sidebar where you can select Billing

Step 2

Next, you'll want to select Payment Details

Step 3

And from here you can select the blue Add button to pick either credit card or bank account. Credit cards incur a 2.9% charge, and ACH Bank account information will need to be verified via two micro deposits. Once you see them in your bank, log back into OfficeRND and verify. Note: when verifying your micro-deposits, you must enter them in the format 0.12 (include the zero in the dollar amount)

Step 4

Finally, below you'll see an Add Billing Details section where you can input the rest of your information.

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