Creating a Purchase Order

Fulfillment Onboarding Steps

  1. Setting Up Your Billing Profile 
  2. Connecting Your Store(s) 
  3. Mapping Your Carriers 
  4. Creating a Purchase Order <-- YOU ARE HERE
  5. Updating Your Delivery Information

ShipHero provides the ability to create and manage purchase orders (POs) from multiple vendors. POs can be uploaded through CSV files or created directly in ShipHero. You also have the option to auto-add products to POs and manage pre-order sales.

Once you have logged in to your Shiphero account, you'll want to create an initial Purchase Order for our team to receive your goods. You'll do this anytime you're sending us product.

Creating Your First Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to Purchase Order
  2. Select All Purchase Orders
  3. Select +Create a Purchase Order
  4. Select a Vendor and determine the Maximum Products for this PO
  5. You can use a quick option (Auto Add All Products, Auto Add Pending Items, or Auto Add Backordered Products) or manually search and add individual products.
  6. Input the Quantity, SKU, and price.
    1. Note: All items added to your PO must have dimensions & weights for us to receive, or we may need to charge a Special Project rate.
  7. Notify the Saltbox team! 



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