Fulfillment Onboarding Steps

  1. Setting Up Your Billing Profile 
  2. Connecting Your Store(s) 
  3. Mapping Your Carriers <-- YOU ARE HERE
  4. Creating a Purchase Order 
  5. Updating Your Delivery Information 

Ensuring that your customer experience is top-notch, we work to map your existing carriers and shipping methods with our system. While we work with a variety of discounted carrier rates, we are happy to work with your preexisting ones as well. Our team will review to make sure you have the best rates possible.

Once your store is connected, reach back out to the Saltbox team to review your shipping carriers. You can do this by responding to the onboarding email, or sending us a note at fulfillment@saltbox.com


Want 2-day shipping?

We work with a variety of carrier options that allow for us to send packages with methods that allow for air overnight shipping and other 2-day options. If your goal is to provide 2-day coverage at a cheaper rate, your best option is to have your inventory located at multiple Saltbox locations. If you provide us with your order data + shipping addresses, we can make a recommendation of Saltbox locations that give you the best two day coverage that also minimizes shipping charges.

We operate our fulfillment locations Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). For any order that comes in prior to to 3PM local time, we will ship it out same day.

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