Updating Your Delivery Information

Fulfillment Onboarding Steps

  1. Setting Up Your Billing Profile 
  2. Connecting Your Store(s) 
  3. Mapping Your Carriers 
  4. Creating a Purchase Order 
  5. Updating Your Delivery Information <-- YOU ARE HERE

Once you've sent us your product, it's time to notify us of your shipment! If you'd like to come on site and meet with your Fulfillment Manager, they will be available Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, local time. Just send an email to fulfillment@saltbox.com to request a time.

There are two steps in this process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Step 1

  1. Login to Shiphero
  2. Navigate to Purchase Order
  3. Select All Purchase Orders
  4. Search for the PO you recently created
  5. Select View
  6. Fill out the Ship Date, Expected Date, & Tracking Number


Step 2

Email fulfillment@saltbox.com with the subject line "Delivery Appointment". 

Please let us know at least 48-hours in advance that your delivery is on its way, and include the carrier, the estimated date and time of arrival, and how many boxes/pallets we should expect (or you can just attach the bill of lading/BOL). 

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