PO Receiving Checklist

PO Receiving Checklist

All POs are charged for receiving at an hourly rate. The invoiced amount is based on the number of working hours an associate required to complete the receipt. Use this receiving checklist to ensure that your inbound is compliant and that receiving can be completed as quickly as possible.


If the below requirements are met, our commitment to you is that your items will be ready to sell within 2 business days of arriving at our facility. Initial deliveries for new products will take up to 96 hours for processing. 


Receiving SLAs cannot be guaranteed if the below requirements are not met. Receiving charges for time spent receiving will naturally increase with POs that are noncompliant with this checklist. 


  • The PO is created in ShipHero at least 2 business days prior to the products arriving at the Saltbox location.
  • All incoming SKUs are listed in the ShipHero PO with the correct quantities.
  • Dimensions for any SKUs are already listed in ShipHero or have been sent to fulfillment@saltbox.com via CSV.
  • All products are barcoded and have a unique corresponding SKU in your online store platform.
  • Single SKU boxes and pallets have a clear exterior label noting the SKU.
  • Multi SKU boxes have a clear exterior label denoting all SKUs contained AND either the quantity per SKU is listed on the label OR the SKUs are divided via cardboard dividers, interior boxes, bags, etc.
  • Any special projects needed upon arrival (measuring SKUs, barcoding, adding inserts, etc.) have been approved via fulfillment@saltbox.com.
  • Once the PO is created, the Tracking Number and Expected Date fields are accurately filled in on the PO details page.
  • Any notes for the Saltbox Fulfillment team are input in the "Warehouse notes" section of the PO details page and/or emailed to fulfillment@saltbox.com.


The SLA begins the following business day from the date of delivery. If any of these requirements are not met upon receiving the PO, we will speak with you to understand the special project(s) needed to receive your items. For any receipt that requires a special project to make it available to sell, our team will provide you with an ETA for when your items will be fully received once the delivery arrives and the special project has been discussed. The date of finish is determined by the complexity of the PO.

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