Backordered SKUs

When an order is placed containing SKU(s) that do not have sufficient stock at a Saltbox fulfillment location, the affected SKU(s) are considered backordered. This means that the order will not ship until inventory is received for the SKU(s).

On the ShipHero order details page, you can see a count of the Total Backordered quantity under the column of the same name.


By clicking on the blue highlighted SKU to the left on the order details page (above), you can open the ShipHero product details page and see the total backordered quantity (across all orders) for that SKU. The Backorder number can be seen on the left hand side of the product details page.


The day and time that the backorder is resolved will count for its shipping SLA. This means if it is resolved after the SLA cut off for the day, it will not ship until the next business day. If it is resolved before the SLA cut off for the day, it will ship that same business day.

For scenarios where there is inventory remaining, but not enough for all pending orders to receive enough inventory ship, you can control which orders receive the remaining inventory and which order's SKU(s) remain backordered. To do so, you must adjust the Allocation Priority of the relevant orders.

Adjusting the Allocation Priority.

By default, all orders are given a "Default" Allocation Priority and therefore they are allocated inventory based on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like certain orders to receive priority for inventory allocation, use the right section of the ShipHero order details page.

There is an Allocation Priority dropdown where you can give an order a Low, Default, or High priority. Orders with a High priority are allocated inventory before other orders no matter when they are received in ShipHero. Orders with Low priority are not allocated inventory until all High and Default priority orders have enough inventory. If multiple orders have the same priority, the oldest order with that priority gets preferential allocation priority.

Be sure to click Update Details if you change an order's Allocation Priority. For the change to be fully received, you must then click Reprocess within the Actions section on the lower right section of the ShipHero order details page.



For scenarios where there is not enough inventory to fulfill an order, Saltbox recommends the following solutions for backordered SKUs:

Send in more inventory.

This is the only approach that will allow Saltbox to fulfill the entire order in one shipment.

As soon as possible, create a PO and send in the out of stock SKU to the MFC or Hub that this order is allocated to. Once the Saltbox location receives your product, the order will be sent to the team to fulfill.

Partially ship the order.

This approach will allow Saltbox to fulfill the SKUs that are currently in stock. The out of stock SKU(s) will be fulfilled as soon as more inventory is sent in.

To allow partial shipping for a single order navigate to the ShipHero order details page and check "Allow Partial" on the upper right hand side of the screen. Once checked, scroll down on the right and click Update Details.


To allow partial shipping for all orders, navigate to My Account > Settings > General Settings. Check the "Default allow partial" setting and then click Save Changes. With this setting selected, for all orders the in-stock SKUs will ship on time and the backordered SKUs will ship when inventory is received. Use caution when using this feature as it could increase the number of packages it takes to fulfill a single order which could significantly increase shipping costs.


Cancel/Replace the backordered SKU(s).

This approach will allow you to self-fulfill the backordered SKU while Saltbox fulfills the remainder of the order.

Next to every SKU, backordered or not, on the ShipHero orders detail page, there is a red Cancel button. By clicking Cancel, you are letting the system know that you do not want that SKU to be fulfilled by the Saltbox team.

You can also reduce the quantity in Pending Fulfillment and select Save Changes at the bottom to reduce the quantity needed. If, for example, Saltbox has 3 units, but the order calls for 5 units, then changing Pending Fulfillment to 3 and clicking Save Changes will remove the backordered quantity and allow the order to ship.


If you would like to swap in an equivalent item to use instead, cancel the item using the steps above. Then use the search bar at the top of the ShipHero order details page to add in the new SKU of your choosing. When adjusting the quantity of items, always be sure to select Save Changes at the end.


Cancel the entire order.

This approach will allow you to self-fulfill the entire order without any risk of Saltbox ever fulfilling it.

Please note that cancelling an order in ShipHero will send a message to the customer, if in My Account > Stores > Settings > General, the checkbox for "If an order is canceled or refunded in ShipHero, Have Shopify send an email to update the customer." is selected.

In the Actions section on the order details page (halfway down on the right), click the Cancel Order button to cancel the order entirely.


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