The $500 Monthly Minimum

Q: Can I opt out of the $500 monthly minimum?
A: No, there is no way to toggle the $500 monthly minimum on or off. Members whose pick + pack and storage charges are below $500 for a given month will be automatically opted into the $500 monthly minimum.

Q: Does the $500 monthly minimum consider the previous month's pick + pack and storage charges?
A: No, the $500 monthly minimum looks at a single month.

Q: What happens if last month I was billed via the $500 monthly minimum, but this month my pick + pack and storage charges are going to exceed $500?
A: The $500 monthly minimum will cover up to $500 of pick +pack and storage charges. Once the total of pick + pack and storage charges exceeds $500, rather than charges being represented as the summed-up fee, you'll instead see all charges broken out into pick + pack and storage charges in your invoice for that month. If the next month, your pick +  pack and storage charges fall beneath $500, you will again be opted into the $500 monthly minimum.

Q: I sent my first batch of inventory to Saltbox in the middle of a month. Will I be charged $500 for less than one month of activity?
A: No, the $500 monthly minimum will not take effect for your first partial month of working with Saltbox. The month your first PO closes you will be billed for only the storage and pick + pack charges that you used until the end of the month. The first calendar month following the close date of your first PO you will be billed at the $500 monthly minimum if you qualify for the $500 monthly minimum.

Q: I currently have a workspace at Saltbox and work with Saltbox Fulfillment to fulfill some or all of my orders. Will I have to pay the $500 monthly minimum?
A: The amount you spend on workspace will count towards your total across pick + pack and storage charges. If your workspace, pick + pack, and storage charges exceed $500, your invoice will split out your workspace total, your pick & pack total, and your storage total and charge the actual total instead of $500.  

Q: I would like to process Amazon FBA orders and/or wholesale orders with Saltbox. Will those processing totals count toward my $500 monthly minimum?
A: If the labor needed to process these orders is categorized by our team as a Special Project, they will be billed as Special Projects and will not count towards your subscription total. If these orders are not counted as Special Projects, their processing charges will be covered by the $500 monthly minimum.

Q: Does the $500 monthly minimum mean that I need to give a month or more of notice prior to moving out?
A: No, the $500 monthly minimum does not change our policies surrounding moving out. We simply need a few business days to package your inventory for pick up or shipment. Do note, however, that each month after the first partial month is eligible to be charged the $500 monthly minimum including the move-out month.

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